Drug Take-Back Day This Saturday In Buffalo

Bill Hawley

The Prevention Management Organization of Wyoming (PMO), with help from the Buffalo Police Department and Johnson County Sheriff's Office, will be conducting the spring Prescription Drug Take-Back Day Saturday in Buffalo, to coincide with the National event taking place the same day.

Police Officer Todd Morrison and Sheriff's Deputy Shane Greet will be on-hand to collect unused, unwanted and outdated prescription drugs and to answer questions, along with PMO Community Prevention Professional Bill Hawley, who tells us more about the drug take-back day.

Hawley said they will also have information on Public Health's Drug Donation Program, and he explains more about that.

Hawley said they will do one of the two things with the prescription drugs, either re-use them or incinerate them.

Those that have prescription drugs the need to get rid of can take them to Shopko on Highway 16 West in Buffalo this Saturday from 10 in the morning until 2 that afternoon.