Dueling Player Says Song Mix Will be Eclectic

Photo Provided

Musician Ryan Merriam, who’s simply known as Ryno, is part of the Dueling Pianos act playing tonight in Sheridan.

In an interview this week, he said, he and his fellow piano player, Andy Gibson, have been performing in this format for more than six years. It’s their job, he said, traveling the country and playing about 100 shows a year. They do it, he said, because they have a lot of fun, and since it’s an all-request show, they just never know where the music will take them, especially when their added player, Dan Witte, is along for the ride. So I asked him what we should expect to hear.

Well, once he mentioned Disney, I had to ask if the now iconic “Frozen” song was in their repertoire.

And he said there’s one more reason he enjoys performing in this format, because the music raises money for a good cause. In this case for the local Rotary club’s pavilion at the county fairgrounds honoring a deceased member of the club and long-time state legislator – John Patton.

The show will be presented at the county fairgrounds in Sheridan. Tickets are $60. The doors open at 7 for a social hour featuring drinks and appetizers and the show starts at 8 o’clock. Organizers say dancing will not only be allowed, but encouraged.