Echoes Of The Past Cemetery Tours Start This Week

The annual Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum's Echoes Of The Past Cemetery Tours will begin this Thursday, continue Friday and Saturday and wrap up next Saturday, August 17th.

The lantern-led tours through Buffalo's Willow Grove Cemetery give those attending a chance to look back into Buffalo's past to learn about previous interesting residents through interactive live-role play.

The tours begin at dusk each night, August 8, 9, 10 and again August 15, 16, and 17 at Willow Grove Cemetery.

Jennifer Romanoski, Educator at the Jim Gatchell Museum, tells us what those taking the tour can expect to experience.

The cost of the tour is $20 per person and spots can be reserved through the Jim Gatchell Museum. Spaces are limited.

This year's tour will feature former residents Sam Stringer, Gertrude Horton, Red Angus, Grace Irigaray, Marie Urrizaga, Katherine Dillinger, Delilah Sonnesberger, an anonymous woman, Elizabeth Harrington, and Gordon and Mabel Meldrum.

This year's volunteer actors are Steve Laird, Kim Harvey, Bill Raymond, Amy Pierson, Kathy Camino, Cathy Stafford, Carla Faircloth, Francene Russell, Pepper Williams, and Mike and Marcy Scarlett.