Education? Taxes? Healthcare? SLIB? Candidates Discuss “The Issues” At Sheridan College

Sheridan County Commissioners Candidates

With just two weeks to go before the general election, the first of two candidate panels, sponsored by the Sheridan Chamber of Commerce, was held at Sheridan College last night. Candidates for the national and state races, as well as Sheridan County Commissioners were Monday's panel speakers. So how successful were last night's panelists in persuading audience members? Here are a few reactions:

You can hear detailed interviews with most of the local and state-wide candidates by tuning into Sheridan Media's Public Pulse over the coming weeks, or by going to the Public Pulse archive.

Tonight's panels will include candidates running for Dayton and Sheridan City Council, Ranchester's Mayor, the Northern Wyoming Community College District Board, as well as Sheridan County School District Boards 1 and 2. The forum starts at 7 pm, and is in the C-Tel auditorium at Sheridan College. It will also be broadcast live on Cable Channel 14.