Election Filings Start in May

Filing for elected offices this year starts on May 12 and continues through May 27.

Sheridan County Election Supervisor Brenda Kekich said those dates are for municipal, county, state and federal offices. Filing for those seeking office on school boards or the Sheridan County Conservation District is Aug. 10-29. Names of those candidates will be on the general election ballots only.

This year's primary elections will be on Aug. 16, and the election supervisor said she expects, because this is a presidential election year, that voter turnout will be higher. She said offices up for election this year are posted on the county's election site online.

Candidates for federal, state and county offices will file with the county election office, which is on the second floor of the Sheridan County Courthouse on Main Street. Candidates for municipal office file with their respective town or city clerks.

The election supervisor said the general election will be on Nov. 8.