Election Never Over 'Til It's Over

With more than a dozen offices uncontested in this year's general election, the candidates running for those offices appear to be shoo-ins.

However, Sheridan County Clerk Eda Schunk Thompson says the election is never over 'til it's over, and there's always a possibility that a write-in candidate could be elected.

However, a write-in candidate still must receive a majority of the votes cast.

There is a likelihood, though, that at least one write-in candidate could be elected this year. Two seats are open this year on Ranchester's town council, but there's only one announced candidate – Jessica Weaver. That leaves the second seat to be filled, potentially, by a write-in.

At the state level, Jillian Balow is running unopposed for her bid at re-election as Wyoming's superintendent of public instruction.

In Sheridan County, three candidates are running unopposed for seats in Wyoming's House of Representatives: Mark Kinner and Mark Jennings are both seeking re-election, and Cyrus Western is seeking a first term.

At the county level, there's a race for the county commission, but candidates are running unopposed for the other seven top county offices – P.J. Kane for county coroner, Dianna Bennett for county attorney, Allen Thompson for sheriff, Eda Thompson for county clerk, Carol L. Grandahl for county treasurer, Paul Fall for county assessor and Rene Botten for clerk of district court.

In other races, Norleen Healy, Shelley Wilson Kinnison and Robert Leibrich are running for three seats on the Northern Wyoming Community College District board of trustees, and Carol Garber and Clint Krumm are seeking the two spots on Sheridan County School District 1.

Originally there was a race for the four four-year seats on Sheridan County School District 2, but candidate Lexie Carroll withdrew, leaving only four candidates – Shellie Szmyd, Arin Waddell, Susan Wilson and Ann Perkins. Craig Achord is also unopposed in his bid for the two-year unexpired term on the School District 2 board.

The four candidates running for the Sheridan County Conservation District board of supervisors are likewise unopposed. They are Orrin Connell, Douglas Masters, Edith Heyward and Susan Holmes.