Elementary Students Spread Message of Kindness

On the third Thursday of every month, students at Tongue River Elementary School in Ranchester gather in the gym and participate in an activity to promote kindness and getting to know one another.

The event is part of the elementary school's kindness initiative which, according to Principal Annie Griffin, started as an effort to reduce bullying and instill a sense of belonging for all students in the school.

Griffin elaborated on the program at a recent meeting of Sheridan County School District 1 trustees.

Griffin said the kindness initiative includes being the kind of school where, if a child acts unkind, other children remind him or her that we treat one another with kindness.

She said another part of the effort is to post something nice about the community on social media. She said the kindness initiative is spreading out into the community, with a challenge to businesses to spread kindness in some way.

The school also is starting a Kindness Rocks project, in which children will paint rocks with inspiring messages, and the rocks will be planted in the school's garden.