Engineer Gives Lewis Street Bridge Project Details

The reconstruction crew was working under the Lewis Street Bridge Tuesday afternoon. (Photo by Leslie Stratmoen)

Work has begun on the bridge reconstruction project in downtown Sheridan. News Director Leslie Stratmoen has the update.

During a recent presentation by the Wyoming Department of Transportation about the Lewis Street Bridge project in downtown Sheridan, I spoke with Joe Schoen, who was introduced as the city's project engineer. So, I asked him what that means, in regard to this bridge reconstruction.

I next asked him if there was anything particularly difficult about this project. He said:

He said travelers will be able to cross over the existing bridge, for now.

I also asked him about the trees that are slated to be removed along Alger, in front of the library. He explained, exactly, which ones we'll lose and why.

He said the trees to be planted will be chosen as per the guidelines suggested by the Tree City USA organization, for trees that do well in urban areas, surrounded by concrete or asphalt. That means, he said, the trees will be what he called, “street friendly,” and grow to only about 25-feet tall, like lilacs, maple or fruitless crab apples.