Entryway Corridor Modifications

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City of Sheridan Planning Director Robert Briggs

The Sheridan City Council Monday night approved on 1st reading an ordinance that adds clarification by modifying language in the City's Entryway Corridor ordinance. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter was at the meeting and has the story.

City staff has been working with local developers on ways to refine the City's Entryway Corridor ordinance that will make the design review process more streamlined for future development. City Planning Director Robert Briggs says that what the Council approved on 1st reading Monday night is step one in a two step process.

Briggs explains that the real work will come with step two of the ordinance modification process that will come before Council this fall. Briggs describes what the second phase of the modifications will entail.

Developer Ron Patterson addressed the Council stating that there are currently too many ordinances for future development and that he hopes that these modifications will make the process less cumbersome for developers when it is finished this fall.