Facilities Manager Keeps County Buildings In Good Shape

Johnson County Facilities Manager Kim Glasgow has had a busy 2017, keeping the county's buildings in working order and repairing items as needed.

In his recent year-end report to the county commissioners he said there weren't time-consuming or high-dollar repairs or additions to any of the county's properties, but plenty of smaller ones that kept his department busy.

Repairs and maintenance were performed on the community building at the Harold Jarrard Park in Kaycee.
Repairs on the judicial center in Buffalo, including a transmitter box in the circuit court room; seals and motors on boiler circulation pumps; and door locking mechanisms; among others were replaced.

Maintenance work was performed at the justice center, and replacement of air conditioning unit and new equipment for the 911 upgrade and a phone system upgrade were installed.

Upgrades and maintenance were also performed on the library building, the Jim Gatchell Museum building, the historic courthouse, and the county's Annex A building.

Glasgow explained a training program he was involved in during this past year.

Glasgow and the commissioners briefly discussed options for a new phone system that will be installed at the historic courthouse in the coming year, and he will gather information and cost estimates for the options and present them to the commissioners.