Fair Board, Others Working to Upgrade Handicap Seating

The Sheridan County Fair Board, WYO Rodeo board and others, including engineers, are working to resolve an issue with the grandstands at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds.

Complaints have surfaced in recent years that seating for handicapped individuals in the grandstands is inadequate, because there's space only for the handicapped person and one family member. This has forced families to sit apart from each other during events at the fairgrounds.

In Monday's staff meeting, Commissioner Mike Nickel reported to other commissioners on the work that's being done to resolve the issue.

Nickel said the grandstands are compliant according to regulations when the grandstands were originally built, but not with current regulations. He said his understanding is that if any major renovations were to be made, the grandstands would have to be brought up to current requirements.