Family, Friends Remember Kinnison

People visit during the reception that followed the Celebration of Life for Tom Kinnison. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Sheridan Media reporter Pat Blair attended a special event this week. This is her story.

Tom Kinnison's grandchildren remembered him as a man of good character who greeted everyone with openness during a celebration of Kinnison's life Monday afternoon.

Family and friends packed the concert hall in Sheridan College's Whitney Center for the Arts, where celebration of life was held to honor Kinnison and remember him. One of his granddaughter's said at his core, Kinnison possessed a dry sense of humor and the most contagious laugh she'd ever heard.

Senator Dave Kinskey, one of three of Kinnison's friends who shared in delivering the eulogy, described Kinnison as an extraordinarily complex man.

Also speaking were Tony Wendtland and Jen Crouse, who's executive director of the Sheridan College Foundation. Wendtland spoke of Kinnison's persistance and the efforts he made to help others.

Crouse spoke of Kinnison's contributions to Sheridan College through Whitney Benefits, saying you could see his fingerprints throughout the Whitney building.

Kinnison died on July 1. Pastor Tony Forman officiated at the celebration of life services, and those were followed by a reception in Sheridan College's Whitney Atrium.

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Tables displayed photos and memorabilia of Kinnison. (Photo by Pat Blair)
A couple of attendees sample some of the food set out during the reception. (Photo by Pat Blair)