Fashion Kicks Off Sheridan County Fair

Judges, at left, discuss a project with the youth who submitted it. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Events of this year's Sheridan County Fair kicked off Friday with fabric and fashion interview judging at the Sheridan County Extension offices in the Watt Building.

Donna Birkholz, who's the indoor committee chair and fiber arts coordinating leader, said the class includes constructed sewn garments, ready-to-wear garments and modeling of garments in both projects.

Birkholz said the ready-to-wear project teaches participating 4-H and FFA members how to be smart shoppers.

Birkholz said probably 15 or 20 youth were at Friday's event, participating in at least one of the categories, sometimes more than one. She said some counties have more youth participating in ready-to-wear than in constructed garments, but there are more Sheridan County youth making their own garments for competition.

She said there is also one more category that's kind of a hybrid of the other two.

Youth will model their constructed and ready-to-wear garments in the annual Fashion Review, which is open to the public. The review will start at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Exhibit Hall on the Sheridan County Fairgrounds.

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Donna Birkholz, right, talks to a young competitor who's waiting to see the judges. (Photo by Pat Blair)