A Fiendishly Fun Friday Night With the Elders

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Friday night was given over to the elders as the residents of Sheridan Manor and the Brookdale Sugarland Ridge got into the spirit of Halloween Friday night and Sheridan Media’s Judy Hagerott swung by both facilities and brings us this story.

Friday night was given over to the elders in our community as they got into the Halloween spirit and welcomed the little people to their Halloween festivities. Brookdale Sugarland Ridge had a line waiting down the sidewalk waiting to get in and take part in the Halloween party.

Community Relations Director Tammy Yelton Boone was constantly on the run back to the store to pick up more and more candy as the costumed characters continued to arrive and she said that was a good thing.

Barbara Oedekoven was busy passing out candy. She’s done this for five years now and said each year is as fun as the last.

Over at Sheridan Manor, residents lined the hallway passing out candy as the costume clad kids passed by. Activities Director Lisa Kramer said the residents have been looking forward to this and the night offered some very important lessons for the children.

Keaton Van Norman had his pillowcase filled by the residents and shared his thoughts on the elderly.

For resident Sue Verley, she’s glad Halloween comes but once a year.

Both facilities also held a number of games for the children to enjoy.

More photos below.