Fire Ban Season Short in Tongue Ranger District

The fire ban in the Tongue Ranger District of the Bighorn National Forest was a short one this year.

That's according to Tongue District Ranger Amy Ormseth, who said the ban was in place for only about three weeks, from July 29 to Aug. 19. Ormseth reported on the fire season in an earlier meeting with Sheridan County commissioners.

In a later interview with Sheridan Media, she said the season was shortened in the Tongue Ranger District but not for other districts in the forest.

She said as much as anything, the shorter fire season probably came down to a matter of luck.

She said the west side of the forest was significantly drier than the Tongue Ranger District, and there may have been more lightning strikes on the west side. But, she said, the Tongue district was dry enough to have sustained a large fire.

Ormseth said she doesn't know if this was the shortest fire ban on record for the district, but she does know it was one of the shorter ones.