Update On Fire West Of Buffalo


Johnson County Emergency Management Coordinator Marilyn Connolly has given an update on the fire near Windy Ridge west of Buffalo.

Connolly said the fire is about 40 acres right now, and is what they classify as a “ground fire with occasional torching.”

Connolly did say they have an alert for structures in the area, and she explains.

Crews are working to contain the fire, but percentage of containment is not known at this time, and crews are not sure when they will know when they will have containment. The fire is burning in steep terrain and crews are having difficulty moving equipment in to fight the fire.

There are three divisions of firefighters.
Division A contains BLM crews and engine, Johnson County Fire District #1 Brush 3, Engine 5 and Engine 9.
Division B is on the west side of the fire and contains BLM personnel and Forest Service hand crews.
Division C is on the north side of the fire and contains City of Buffalo Volunteer Fire Department Brush 1, Powder River Fire District Brush 2 and Brush 4.

There has been a Type 2 Incident Management Team and a Type 3 helicopter ordered from Fort Collins, Colorado and they are looking to try to bring in other engines from around the state.
Connolly said a fire this late in the year is unusual and may be contributing to difficulty in getting available crews and equipment.
Firefighters from the US Forest Service and the Smoke Busters team are expected to be called in as well, according to Connolly.

Connolly said the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Connolly thought there may be an update yet this evening on the fire situation, and we will have the information as soon as it is available to us.

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