Fireworks Banned in Sheridan County

All fireworks are banned in Sheridan County unless they are approved public displays specifically permitted by Sheridan County commissioners.

That's part of the partial fire restrictions adopted by commissioners in a special meeting Thursday morning. According to the resolution, the fire ban went into effect at noon Thursday and apply to county lands not located within incorporated areas.

County Fire Warden Bill Biastoch elaborated.

Biastoch said all six of Sheridan County's fire districts requested the restrictions because of dry conditions in the county. Trash or refuse fires are permitted between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m., but the container in which trash is burned must6 be provided with a spark arrester and be centered within a 12-foot cleared radius.

No open fires or open flames will be allowed in unimproved areas, and use of a acetylene cutting or electric welders and propane or open-fire branding activities must be in cleared areas 20 feet in radius.

Ranchester Mayor Peter Clark said the town council is still planning at this time to hold its own July 4 public fireworks event, but that might, or might not, change. He said the town has banned personal fireworks, in keeping with the county's ban on non-permitted fireworks.