Flood Outlook For Johnson County Moderate to High

The National Weather Service this week released their latest information concerning the possibility of flooding during this spring's snow melt runoff, and so far it is staying at a moderate to moderately high chance through April for central and southern Johnson County.

Sheridan County and the northern Johnson County remain at a moderate chance for flooding.

Their updated figures show mountain snow pack throughout the state and snow water equivalents (SWEs) at 130% of average this month.
SWEs at the peak runoff elevations between 8,000 and 9,500 feet are the highest in basins in the northern third of the state, averaging between 135 and 160% of average.

Moderate to high potential for flooding from snow melt runoff will be streams in the mid to southern end of the Bighorn Mountains such as the Middle Fork of the Powder River at Kaycee; Medicine Lodge Creek,Ten Sleep Creek and Nowood River at Manderson.

Moderate potential for flooding due to springtime snow melt is expected along Clear Creek near Buffalo, and Little and Big Goose Creeks near Sheridan.

The flooding outlook was compiled using information such as SWEs in the mountain snow pack, basin morphology (how basins respond to snow melt), burn scars from 2012 and 2013 fires, amount of bark beetle kill, soil moisture, and likely temperature and precipitation data during late spring/early summer.

The next flood outlook update will be posted April 28th, according to the National Weather Service.