Flood Watch for Sheridan County

Big Goose Creek continues to rise in Kendrick Park.
Big Goose Creek continues to rise in Kendrick Park.

The National Weather Service in Billings has issued a flood watch for North Central Wyoming, including all of Sheridan County. The flood watch is in effect through Friday morning. Sheridan County Emergency Management Coordinator Dave Coleman says there are a few things that people need to be aware of during a flood watch.

Coleman indicated that the worst of it will most likely come after the rain stops and the temperatures rise.

Coleman said that while the recent rainfall may cause some nuisance flooding in low lying areas, it's later in the week when people need to be extra cautious near creeks and streams, as the warm weather will expedite the spring runoff.

If you witness any flooding in your area, you should immediately call any of the numbers that we've provided below.

Sheridan County Emergency Management- 675-2569

Sheridan Police Department- 672-2413

Sheridan County Sheriff's- 672-3455