Funding Remains Problem for Education

Jillian Balow at the Republican Women's luncheon. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Oil and gas are coming up in terms of production, but there's still a funding gap, and Wyoming has had to pull money from the rainy day account to make up the difference between the education funding that's available and what the state is spending, according to Jillian Balow.

The state superintendent of public instruction talked about education funding and other issues at Monday's meeting of the Sheridan County Republican Women. Balow said Wyoming's schools are still very dependent on revenues from minerals, and the state can't continue its current methods forever.

She said the state needs to continue looking for reductions and efficiencies in spending. The good news, she said, is that Wyoming ranks near the top in terms of the quality of its education. She said that's partly because the state puts a lot of money into education, but mostly, the ranking is due to the state putting the money into the right places – in the classrooms and in the teachers.

In an interview with Sheridan Media before the meeting started, Balow talked about what's happening to improve education in the state.

Balow is running unopposed for re-election this year. In opening remarks at the luncheon meeting, she said this is the first time since 1956 that the state superintendent's office has been unopposed.

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Balow in profile. (Photo by Pat Blair)