Game and Fish Discovers CWD In New Deer Hunt Area

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The Wyoming Game and Fish Department recently discovered chronic wasting disease (CWD), a fatal neurological disease in deer, moose, and elk, in Deer Hunt Area 110, west of Cody, Wyo. The buck male deer that tested positive for the disease was harvested on Oct. 28 by a hunter on the eastern edge of the hunt area at the Shoshone National Forest, two miles from the Blackwater Trailhead. This is the first time CWD has been confirmed in Deer Hunt Area 110; however, CWD was discovered last May in Deer Hunt Area 111, which is adjacent to Area 110.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission approved an updated CWD Management Plan in April which includes increasing the monitoring of the disease. The plan is currently being implemented.

In order to monitor the distribution of CWD, hunters are asked to contact their local game warden if they find a deer, elk, or moose that appears to be sick or acting abnormaly.