Game Official Says Eagle Release Was Unusual

As reported earlier, a sick female bald eagle was rehabilitated and released back to the wild last week on the south side of Sheridan. At that time, we learned that the raptors typically mate for life and the mate was waiting for her, apparently staying in the area for weeks.

Sheridan Media Reporter Ron Richter was on the scene and caught several pictures of the eagle taking flight, then saw the bird meet up with its mate.
Now this week, we talked with game official Bud Stewart with the Game and Fish regional office in Sheridan, who was also there, to tell us more about the reunion.

We also wondered if this type of capture and release was unusual or routine.

As reported earlier, it was John Woller, who does grounds maintenance at Sheridan College, who called Game and Fish to report seeing the eagle hopping along the campus grounds, unable to fly. That was on Dec. 11. After capture, Stewart said the bird was transported to the Iron Side Bird Rescue facility in Cody where the eagle was diagnosed then treated, which ultimately led to the release on Friday.