Girl Scouts Setting Up Cookie Sale Booths

Girl Scouts are now delivering cookies. But if you did not get your order placed, we learned this week that cookie sale booths will be set up in various spots around Sheridan. Scout Leader Cassie Gammel gave us the details.

She said the much-loved favorites like the chocolate Thin Mints, peanut-butter sandwich Do-si-dos, and chocolate, caramel, coconut Samoas are all still available at $4 a box, along with two new gluten-free cookies, called Toffee-tastics and Trios, which cost a dollar more. Along with selling cookies, the scouts get together for a variety of activities and have the opportunity to attend summer camp.

Service unit manager Jean Harm, who’s been with the local Girl Scout organization for decades, said about 8,500 girls are scouts in the local region, which includes Wyoming and Montana. The Girl Scout organization has been a mainstay in America, she said, for more than a century, now, and in Wyoming for about 75 years. She said anyone who wants to join, either as a scout or adult scout leader, can contact the organization online by going to