Governor Mead Hails Fracking Decision

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Governor Matt Mead is pleased with U.S. District Court Judge Scott Skavdahl's decision in favor of Wyoming over the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) hydraulic fracturing rule. Wyoming's challenge to this rule was joined by North Dakota, Utah, and Colorado. The BLM rule is outside the scope of BLM's jurisdiction and the Court ruling immediately sets aside the fracking rule.

Mead trusts that Wyoming is still a leader in energy development and environmental stewardship. Because Mead believes that the BLM rule overreaches its authority and creates confusion, he is pleased with the Court's decision and appreciates the Wyoming Attorney General's work.

In the decision the Court expressed that BLM attempted an end-run around with the limitations Congress placed on the federal regulation of fracking in the 2005 Energy Policy Act. The Court made clear that ideally, regulation of an activity must be by Congressional authority and not administrative fiat. When threatened by federal overreach
Governor Mead plans to continue to aggressively assert Wyoming's authority.

The Court's ruling is available on the Wyoming Attorney General's website at