Governor Mead Takes Action on Gun Bills

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Governor Matt Mead vetoed House Bill 137 and signed into law House Bill 194 Wednesday. HB 137 would have allowed people to carry concealed firearms into government meetings.

In the Governor’s Veto Message, Mead said that his decision to veto the legislation was because the bill “had flaws”, and that vetoing any bill is not a decision he takes lightly.

Some lawmakers during the recent session wanted to change the bill to allow local officials to have the power to decide if they wanted guns in their meetings, which was an issue echoed by the Governor, as Mead stated that Wyoming values government closest to the people. The bill was sponsored by Representative for House District 51, Bo Biteman of Ranchester. Biteman could not be reached for comment in regard to the Governor’s veto.

Mead did sign into law HB 194, which authorizes school districts to adopt rules for concealed carry on school property. The rules must provide an application and approval process, safeguarding and training requirements, and a process for revoking authorization.

The law further requires notification of law enforcement, parents and guardians. This bill was sponsored in part by legislators being asked by very rural schools without readily available law enforcement protection to have the opportunity for district consideration.

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