Governor Says Australia Trip Beneficial

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Gov. Matt Mead speaking in Australia. (Photo Provided)

Governor Matt Mead has returned from a conference on coal technology in Brisbane, Australia.

The 2014 International Advanced Coal Technology Conference was the fourth of its kind, bringing together experts from around the globe, including Wyoming, to discuss advances in coal use and carbon capture, storage and utilization.

The conference, held about every two years, focuses on developing value-added products from coal. Australia produces large amounts of coal and exports over 100 million tons per year to Asia.

The update's coming from the governor's office. According to the release, the governor said the conference advances technologies to make coal more viable in the future. He went on to say, coal is the fastest growing fuel source in the world.

“Enhancing technologies for capture and use of carbon adds value to coal and secures its role globally,” he said.

He traveled with representatives of the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources. During the trip, the governor toured a coal port.

He said: “Australia recognizes the importance of coal domestically and internationally. Here in Wyoming,” he said, “we are hard at work making sure coal receives the same recognition.”

He went on to say: “We want to increase exports to meet the rising demand, while developing solutions to make the coal more valuable and cleaner.”