Granddaughter Remembers 'Jin' Patton

Virginia Patton, widow of State Rep. John Patton, died earlier this month. Sheridan Media reporter Pat Blair recently had an opportunity to interview a member of Patton's family who lives here in Sheridan.

Georgia Boley, who's a granddaughter of Virginia Patton, known to many as “Jin,” remembers her grandmother as a woman who took a lot of pride in her family and cataloged their accomplishments. I asked Boley how she would characterize her grandmother.

Boley said people who met Patton sometimes thought of her as abrupt and direct, but people who knew her well knew that she was, quote, “deeply thoughtful and careful.” She said her grandmother also was involved with John Patton in his political career.

Boley said Virginia wasn't comfortable in the spotlight, but she was very proud of John and was passionate about being a committed community member. Boley also talked about what her grandmother enjoyed doing for fun.

She also enjoyed playing bridge, according to her family. She was a precinct committee chairwoman, and in 1984 joined P.E.O., Chapter AM to promote the education of women.