Hatchery Fire Restricted Areas Reduced

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The Hatchery Fire burning near Tensleep was held at bay overnight despite strong winds and as a result they have reduced the amount of surrounding areas that are restricted from the public. This inferno, which was caused by a mechanical failure, is 60% contained and it has burned 2802 acres of land so far.

During this fire, fixed wing aircraft flew a total of 129.18 hours and dropped 68,347 gallons of retardant. Rotor wing flew 42.9 flight hours and dropped 100,666 gallons on the Hatchery Fire. There were a total of eight crews, Type 1 and Type 2, 64 overhead personnel, and 16 pieces of firefighting equipment including fire engines, bulldozers, and water tenders. The crew members were comprised of those from as far away as Pennsylvania. At the highest point there were 301 firefighters on scene.