High School Seniors Discuss Adult Issues, Practice Job Interviews

Seniors from high schools in Sheridan County School District 1 participate in practice job interviews Wednesday. (Photo by Pat Blair)

High school seniors from Sheridan County School District 1 – Big Horn and the Tongue River Valley – got a taste of what they'll need to know as adults and practiced job interviews in a special event Wednesday at Sheridan's Holiday Inn.

The event was arranged by Kathy Hecker and Pat Mischke, the district's two job shadow facilitators.

Mischke explained more about the day's activities.

Hecker said the morning was devoted to eight different discussions, about 15 minutes each, that included topics like community engagement, the importance of community service, wellness issues that people deal with after they leave home, safety issues and the role of workforce services.

After lunch, which was provided for the students, 70 business people were on hand to do job interviews.

Mischke said the spectrum of interviews ranged from animal rehab to neurosurgery, cosmetology to welding.

Seniors check in with District 1 staff in the Holiday Inn. (Photo by Pat Blair)