Holds Workshop On Open Containers, Sidewalk furniture

The City Of Buffalo hosted a public workshop Tuesday evening in City Hall to discuss the city's open container law, the possibility of changing it and whether or not to allow furniture on city sidewalks.

Citizens and retail liquor owners were present for the discussions, with some saying business owners should not be allowed to have open containers on the sidewalks or in the streets near their bsinesses nor be allowed to have furniture there due to public safety concerns and concerns over what is fair across the board.

The general consensus for most present was to keep the city ordinances as they are now and not allow certain businesses “special priveledges.” They wanted whatever decision the council makes in the matter fair and uniform for all business owners downtown.

After discussions, Mayor Randy Dyess was asked what decision the council had made in the matter, and he said no decision could be made in the workshop, but he believed the best way to handle the issue was to take no action at all.

He explained.

Furniture on the sidewalks will be addressed on an as needed basis, and as long as they are not blocked, the consensus was to allow businesses the opportunity to use the sidewalks.