Holiday Weekend Passes With No Highway Fatalities

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This year’s New Year’s holiday weekend passed by with no fatal crashes, which came as a welcomed relief to the state patrol after last year’s three crashes that left four people dead.

According to a release from the department, one of the crashes was alcohol related, the others were related to inclement weather and speed.

Patrol Colonel Kebin Haller credits the lack of fatalities this year to drivers making better choices and an increase in law enforcement that put in long hours to ensure compromised drivers were off the road. The patrol did report 20 agency impaired driving arrests statewide through the weekend, compared to 13 during the same time last year. The public contributed with the patrol’s safety efforts, according to the release, by calling in 36 REDDI reports. That stands for Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately.

Included in the weekend report was a reminder from Patrol Sergeant David Wagener that the lack of seat belt use continues to be one of the highest contributing factors in highway deaths in the state. He said there were 76 fatalities last year involving people who were not buckled up. He said buckling up your safety belt continues to be your best chance of surviving a crash.