Hospital Board Approves Amended Financial Forecast

The Johnson County Healthcare Center's Board of Trustees approved the modified Financial Forecast for the year as they do every quarter, based on the financial health of the facility.

Hospital Administrator Sandy Ward crunched numbers with the board, going over profit and loss statements, comparing them to the forecast budget.
Overall, he said, cash position is good for the healthcare center so far this Fiscal Year.

Ward said the hospital was averaging 4,8 patients per day, down from an average of 7.6 patients.
Residents in the care center are currently at 42, up from 33 earlier this year. He expects to finally stabilize at 40.

Expenses are favorable to forecast so far, he said.

Significant increases have shown in the Capital Spending Budget. Originally the forecast showed $613,000 but the latest forecast is at $908,000.
Ward explained the increase was due to $100,000 in software expenses, and requests for laser surgery equipment and for orthopedic surgical equipment.

After discussions, the board approved the increase in the Capital Budget, excluding the nearly $38,000 request for orthopedic surgical equipment, until further information is made available to the board.

They also approved the amended second Financial Forecast for FY2014.