Hospital Board Reallocates Funds

Sheridan Memorial Hospital trustees reallocated $325,000 from a boiler project during their meeting Wednesday night on the recommendation of the board's finance committee.

Chief Financial Officer Nathan Stutte said the boiler project could be deferred until next year, and trustees concurred, voting to allocate $125,000 to the Gould Street project, which is the site of the hospital's new downtown offices, and $200,000 to a nurses' call system.

Also Wednesday, Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty said the hospital is currently working on a master plan.

McCafferty said the last completed master plan was in 2007, so the hospital is due for a new one. McCafferty also updated trustees on the hospital's physician recruitment efforts.

McCafferty said the hospital will continue to recruit for a pulmonologist.

Also at the meeting, Memorial's Chief Information Officer Nyle Morgan talked about Population Health, which he described as an approach to health care that aims to improve the health of an entire human population.

He said the aim is to make medical care less expensive, in part by helping people avoid hospitalization and the resulting high costs. McCafferty said population health is a big strategy of the hospital, and a long-term strategy.