Hospital Has Team Approach to Patient Care

A patient at Sheridan Memorial Hospital might be under the care of two or three physicians during his or her stay there.

Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty said that's because the hospital here has adopted a team approach to patient care. He said the process started probably around 2005.

McCafferty said the physician liked the idea of being a hospital employee. The hospital later brought in two other general surgeons as partners for him.

McCafferty said the hospital administration knew there would be challenges ahead. The response to those challenges was to change the hospital's approach to patient care, and to help change the traditional practices of doctors. Instead of one doctor making patient rounds at the hospital, then working into the late afternoon seeing patients in an office, then returning to the hospital for more patient visits at night, the hospital has divided the patient load among doctors.

McCafferty said the key is that the doctors work together as a team and can meet on a regular basis to discuss the care of a patient that they're all seeing.

He said the federal government has also been pushing hospitals nationwide in the direction that Sheridan Memorial has been moving. He said what's happening at the hospital here is happening all across the country. Sheridan Media will have more on this story in future reports.