Irish Eyes will be Smilin'

Leslie Viren and Dan Lindly -- Photo by Leslie Stratmoen

The lilting trills of a wooden flute and penny whistle just may carry listeners away, across the heather on the hills of Ireland, today when the Celtic Sage group takes the stage at the Sheridan Senior Center.

The group's flute player and co-founding member Leslie Viren said she's been creating their musical style for several years now, after being inspired by another group, then learning how to play this specific style of Irish folk music.

Joining the band of five, just recently, is Dan Lindly, on guitar. The two stopped by the station this week to share their music, live, with listeners of our news talk show, Public Pulse. During the show, the duo gave a preview of their upcoming concert material, with Viren introducing the song, “Bedlam Boys,” by first telling listeners what the title describes.

She said the group will be performing at the senior center on Smith Street today over the lunch hour, from 11:30-noon. Their near week-long celebration of St. Patrick's Day then puts them at Killy's Deli on Friday, from 5-6, and later that night at Warehouse 201, from 9-midnight. They'll return to the Warehouse on Saturday night, starting, again, at 9. Viren said their homage to the day of the Irish ends with a concert on Monday's St. Patrick's Day, when they play that night, from 7-9, at the Black Tooth Brewery. All the venues she mentioned are in Sheridan.