Issues Force Delay In New Nursing Home Move-In

The new Amie Holt Care Center at the Johnson County Healthcare Center

The new Amie Holt Care Center, a 44-bed adult care facility recently completed at the Johnson County Healthcare Center in Buffalo, has had their move-in date and opening pushed back to at least the end of June, due to a number of last-minute problems.

Sandy Ward, Hospital Administrator for the facility, reported the the Board of Trustees at their May meeting Wednesday night, that the State Department of Health had completed their survey of the building last month, and would be issuing a license to occupy the facility the week of June 6th.
He said it just unfortunately took more than a month to get the process completed.

Ward said the biggest issue they ran into was when the sprinkler system for the new care center was being installed, they tapped into a city-owned 14-inch water main which did not have enough water pressure for the system. The city approved them to tap into an adjacent 6-inch line, thinking there would be enough pressure there, but there wasn't any more pressure there than in the 14-inch main.

The healthcare center is purchasing a water pump that will increase water pressure and pump it into a 300-gallon holding tank, which can then be drawn off as needed with consistent water pressure. This project should be completed by the end of next week.
Ward estimated the cost of tapping into the secondary line and the pump and tank would be between $6,000 and $7,000.

The facility is currently in the bidding process for the second phase of the construction project, which will demolish the old nursing home and the oldest portion of the hospital adjacent to it.
Cost estimates on that phase are at roughly $1 million.

As of the Wednesday night meeting, Ward said they have tentatively set June 22nd as the new move-in date for the new Amie Holt Care Center facility.