JC Courthouse to Receive Video Equipment

The Johnson County Courthouse will be getting equipment from the Wyoming Supreme Court that will allow video conferencing, video court proceedings and other meetings between Buffalo and essentially the world.

Johnson County Clerk of Court Thelma Axberg gave the county commissioners an update at their meeting Tuesday.

Axberg said the courtrooms throughout the state are all looking to be on the video conferencing system and on the same computer system within the next two years. The only cost to Johnson County, she said, would be to install new cable for the video system within the courthouse itself.

Also, the commission approved Axberg's request to install new carpet in her area of the courthouse. Needed painting will be done in the area first, and then the carpet will be installed. Axberg has had this $8,500 project in her budget for quite some time.

Also at the commission meeting Tuesday, it was decided that old outdated computers in the courthouse would be donated to other county offices if needed or to other entities such as the Jim Gatchell Museum if they could be reused.

A request by Mary Fowlkes for the county to allow signage on Klondike Trail, the county's only trail in the Buffalo Trails System, was approved. The county will purchase raw materials for Bill Mentock to use to create the new signs, which will be identical to the existing signs currently on the trail system.