JCHC Board Discusses Class Action, Leases, ER Coverage

JCHC Board of Trustees

During the last regular board meeting of the Trustees for the Johnson County Healthcare Center, they discussed a number of smaller issues concerning the facility.

The board chose not to participate in a class-action lawsuit settlement involving price fixing of consumer products that contained certain brands of lithium batteries.
The settlement the facility could receive would not be worth the time to file the paperwork to receive it, according to discussions.

The board was also informed that Attorney Ben Kirven is drafting a lease agreement for the facility for outside physicians to utilize clinic space.
The agreement will be used with new physicians to begin with and will then be used with current physicians for agreements in the future.

The board was informed the facility will have a urologist soon, who will be visiting periodically from Casper. Although he is seeing patients, there is no need for credentialing at this point until the doctor begins doing procedures.

There will be a gap in Emergency Room (ER) coverage when Dr. Tabb leaves in June of 2018. He currently covers ER 4 to 5 days a month, and no current physicians in the clinic are interested in picking up additional shifts in the ER, so the center will be looking at options for coverage in the ER.