JCHC CEO Reviews Issues With Board of Trustees

Johnson County Healthcare Center CEO Sean McCallister touched on a number of issues during his report to the Hospital Board at this month's meeting.

McCallister said he will be looking into other mobile MRI providers in an attempt to save the facility some money for the services.
A new vendor will soon be giving a proposal to the facility.

The vendor that will be doing a cost report for the center will be finalizing an agreement with them and will possibly be doing a site visit in August with the goal of educating the leadership team in finance and cost report basics and develop a plan for compiling information for the report during the coming year.

The Charge Master review, which he said should be done every other year but hasn't been done for 5 or 6 years, has been scheduled for September.

According to earlier discussions, the Charge Master is a list of prices the facility charges for various services they offer to patients.
Updating the list is a major undertaking that most medical facilities hire out to others specializing in reviewing and updating a facility's charge list.

McCallister said the healthcare center will be working to upgrade electronic patient health records.

Finally, he wrapped up his report saying the facility will be hosting an employee “team barbecue” in August.