JCHC Looking To Purchase Property For 2018 Project

At their monthly meeting Wednesday night, the Johnson County healthcare Center's Board of Trustees learned that the facility may have to purchase property from adjacent entities to proceed with the 2018 building project.

Hospital Administrator Sandy Ward said they have approached the golf course to possibly acquire a small parcel to accommodate a fire lane for access to the new nursing home should the healthcare center decide to move forward with the plans.
There also appears to be a problem with a survey done back in 2006 or 2007 that shows the nursing home as barely fitting onto the area designated for it, but that has since been deemed as incorrect.
The JCHC will probably have to approach the school district to gain more property if that is the case.

If the JCHC cannot acquire the necessary small parcels of land from the golf course and the school district, it may be forced to scale back the building plans to accommodate the room they have to work with.

Routing of utilities from Lott Street is also a concern the design architect is looking at, he said.

Ward said there were “challenges ahead of us” on the project but he would keep the board informed.