JCHC Receives Generous Donation And Memorial Contributions

JCHC Board of Trustees

At Wednesday's meeting, the Johnson County Healthcare Center Board of Trustees learned of a number of Memorial contributions and Donations given for March of this year.

The Amie Holt Care Center received a large donation from the family of Harold Neu in the amount of $50,000. This is the second time the family has made the donation, according to Hospital Administrator Sandy Ward.

The Hospice program received $185 for the Rod Hudson Memorial, $40 for the velma Atwood Memorial, $180 for the Dave Filbert Memorial, and a donation of $40. Total donations and Memorials amounted to $50,445 for the month.

Also released was the Patient Satisfaction Survey for the month of March, which was positive. One comment said the patient “was very satisfied with the care I received. The nursing staff was very competent and caring.”