JCHC To Educate, Increase Awareness Of Breast Cancer

Julia Bettinger

*Note: this story has been updated with new and correct information.

During their recent monthly meeting, the Board of Trustees for the Johnson County Healthcare Center were given a report on a project with the goal of raising awareness in the community about breast cancer.

Julia Bettinger, Wellness Coordinator for JCHC, will be organizing a “Breast Health Committee” which will increase awareness and education of the community by providing educational resources and encouraging participation at community events, and by Joining the Wyoming Breast Cancer Initiative by hosting a Paint Wyoming Pink Event.

According to information provided at the meeting, 69.5% of women in Johnson County aged 40 and over have had a mammogram in the past two years. In Sheridan County the number is 70.2%, and 61.9% of women in the State of Wyoming have had one.
The age-adjusted incidence rate for breast cancer is 115.7 per 100,000 females in Johnson County; 111.2 in the state, and 98.5 in Sheridan County.
The age-adjusted death rate is 19.5 from breast cancer in Wyoming.

The objectives of the project are to decrease the incidence rate of breast cancer in the county's females; increase the number of women in the county that have had a recent mammogram; increase the number of mammograms performed at the healthcare center; and to participate in or organize five community education/awareness activities before July of 2017.