JCSD1 Board Debates Trip To National Convention

Johnson County School District One's Board of Trustees discussed their options concerning board members traveling to the (NSBA) National School Board Association's annual conference March 25th through the 27th in Denver.

The question is whether or not to have board members attend the conference or to save the funds with the real possibility of budget cuts coming from the state.

Board members that have attended the conference in the past spoke both in favor of and against, with some saying they had gained valuable training and information, and others saying they didn't get much out of it to make them better board members.

Board Treasurer Steve Reimann reported the district had allocated funding for travel and dues and fees for the state and national conferences.
For the state conference, the cost would be $250 in fees and dues per board member attending and fuel to and from Casper.
The cost of the national conference in Denver was estimated at about $10,000 total for dues, fees and motel rooms, excluding fuel expenses for a district vehicle to transport members from Buffalo to Denver.

The three new board members that will be sworn in December: Margo Harlan-Sabec, Tim Blaney and Jodi Verplancke weighed in with their opinions, with Blaney the only one that felt he would like to attend the national conference.

After discussions, District Superintendent Dr. Gerry Chase told the board that each would have to make their own decisions concerning the conferences, saying that each board member knows what the best choice is for them to serve the students and the public.

A decision from each board member is expected soon.