Johnson County Agrees To Quitclaim/Easement at DeSmet

At their meeting Tuesday the Johnson County Commissioners reviewed and discussed a Quitclaim Deed and Easement Agreement to allow Sasol Synfuels International access to a pipeline and outlet works at the south dam that will belong to Sasol and supply water to their properties at the lake.

County Deputy Attorney Barry Crago reviewed the deed and easement and explained to the commissioners what it means.

Crago explained that because the county is giving Sasol title to a pipeline that is going through the south dike, there is a process that must be followed in the agreement if there is a disagreement on what repairs may need to be made. As it is written, Sasol must ask permission from the county if the repairs would require structural repairs to the dike or “require invasion of the integrity of the south dike.”
If there is a disagreement between the parties on the repairs, then the agreement requires mediation and arbitration to resolve the conflict.

Crago said he didn’t see the wording as a problem because it was referencing a very specific issue. He just wanted to bring that section to the attention of the commissioners, so they were aware of it before they signed the agreements.

The commissioners agreed to sign the amended Quitclaim Deed and Easement Agreement.