Johnson County Approves, Signs EWP Project Forms

Johnson County's Commissioners agreed to act as the sponsor and sign the application for the Powder River Conservation District (PRCD) to receive Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) funding from the USDA's Natural Resource Conservation Service.

PRCD District Manager Anita Bartlett explained that she had asked the commissioners last year to sponsor and fill out paperwork to get emergency funding for three separate watershed protection projects in Kaycee.
She said she now needed them to sponsor additional paperwork for non-emergency funding for the projects for this year.

She explained further.

The total cost of the projects is roughly $1.5 million, with the PRCD paying 25%, or nearly $375,000 for the local match.
The county will not be liable for any funds, only acting as a sponsor.

The commissioners voted unanimously to sponsor the application for funding.