Johnson County Begins Process To Abandon Stock Trail

Johnson County's Commissioners voted to move ahead with the abandonment of an unused, outdated stock trail near Kaycee, known as the “Old Barnum Road.”

Civil Deputy County Attorney Barry Crago explained more about the abandonment.

Landowners whose lands the old stock trail passed through came before the commissioners last year to request the unused trail be abandoned and removed from the descriptions of their lands filed with the county to clean them up.
The county has been working on the abandonment process since then.

Crago added that the hearing was required to give property owners the opportunity to file claims for damages due to the abandonment, alteration, vacation or creation of a stock trail/road, and voice their concerns.

The public hearing will be scheduled during an upcoming regular Tuesday county commissioner's meeting.

The commissioners voted in favor of Resolution No. 536, which authorizes the intent to start the abandonment process.