Johnson County Commission Passes Final Budget

Johnson County's Commissioners approved their final budget by passing a number of resolutions during their regular meeting held Monday.

Resolution No. 604 adopted a county budget for roughly $48.3 million, including a county general fund of just under $47 million, Fair Board fund of nearly $305,000, a County Museum fund of $317,000 and a county library fund of $688,000.

Resolution No. 605, an appropriations resolution, sets the operating amount for the county at $13.6 million, reserves at just over $29 million, $4 million in perpetual funds, and the fair, library and museum funds for $48.3 million in general county requirements.
The resolution adds $800,000 in 1% and other use taxes, $105,000 in Emergency 911 Funds, and $1.8 million in road funds and other grant budgets for a total appropriation of $51 million.

The commission also approved raising tax dollars through a 12 mill levy.
The county general fund will receive 9.356 mills, or just under $3.9 million.
The fair board will get .711 of a mill, or about $295,000.
The museum will get .353 of a mill, or about $146,000.
And the library will receive 1.58 mills, or about $655,000 for a total mill value of just under $5 million.

We will have more details on the county's budget in upcoming stories.