Johnson County Fair Results For Beef, Rabbits

Results for the 2012 Johnson County Fair Beef Shows were:

FFA Beef Showman: Bryce McKenzie.
Reserve: Kelley Largent.

Champion Senior Beef Showman: Kelley Largent.
Reserve: Bryce McKenzie.

Champion Intermediate Beef Showman: Mark Largent.
Reserve: Ian McGivney.

Champion Junior Beef Showman: Tinley Pierson.
Reserve: Nathan Largent.

Grand Champion Market Beef: Kaylee Reimler.
Reserve: Hannah Peterson.

Johnson County Bred and Raised, Breeder: Largent Family.

Johnson County Bred and Raised, Youth: Jordan Largent.

Results fom the 2012 Rabbit Show were:

Champion Senior Showman: Tessa Chinery.
Reserve: None.

Champion Intermediate Showman: Isolina Nimick.
Reserve: Rozanna Rozema.

Champion Junior Showman: Avery DeVore.
Reserve: Sydney Downare.

Champion Doe: Avery DeVore.
Reserve: Laurel Rozema.

Champion Buck: Avery Devore.
Reserve: Avery Devore.

Open Class Best Of Show: Kathleen Bray.

State Fair Trips: Avery DeVore, Rosanna Rozema, Tessa Chinery,