Johnson County Gives Additional Funding To C.A.S.T.

Johnson County's Commissioners agreed, after discussing the issue, to give an additional $30,000 to support the Critical Air Service Team, or C.A.S.T. at the Sheridan County Airport, but on a split 2-1 vote.

The county and the City of Buffalo had originally allocated $160,000 for C.A.S.T. Nearly two years ago to help get the program up and running. The city and county each contributed $40,000 over the next two years toward the program with the county paying the first $80,000 the first year, with the understanding the City of Buffalo would be paying the second full $80,000 installment this year.

C.A.S.T. was looking for $64,000 in additional funding from the city of Buffalo and Johnson County.
The City of Buffalo has declined to contribute more funding than the already allocated $80,000 installment they are responsible for this year.

Commissioner Jim Hicks spoke in favor of the county giving additional funding to C.A.S.T., especially now that the new agreement between the Riverton Airport, Sheridan Airport, C.A.S.T. And Denver Air Connection has been reached.
The agreement is to provide air service from Sheridan to Riverton to Denver along with the Sheridan to Denver flights, and he believes the air service can become viable and self-sufficient, saying that the use of the airline is steadily improving.

The commissioners voted 2-1 to allocate an additional $30,000 for C.A.S.T., with Commissioner Linda Greenough voting against.