Johnson County Housing State Prisoners? Maybe

Johnson County's Commissioners may be looking into the possibility of housing prisoners from the Wyoming State Penitentiary, which would be of mutual benefit for both the county and state.

Commission Chair Jim Hicks brought the issue up for discussion at the commission's last meeting, explaining the state prison in Rawlins is currently facing recruiting problems, overcrowding issues, too much employee overtime and other issues, and suggested Johnson County might be able to help by taking maybe 20 inmates on contract for the state to help relieve some of those problems at the state prison.
He admitted not speaking to Sheriff Kozisek about the possibility, but he did ask County Attorney Tucker Ruby what he thought of the idea.

Ruby said he had not given the idea any consideration, and that he thought Sheriff Kozisek would have a better idea whether or not his staff and facility were equipped for housing those prisoners.

Commissioner Hicks agreed, but said it should be looked into to help offset costs associated with the county's nearly new, state-of-the-art jail facility.

Hicks said he would like to look further into the possibility but wanted to discuss the feasibility of the idea with Sheriff Kozisek before making any decision.